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Improve Your Students' Health & Behavior Through Movement

Feb 08, 2016 2016-02-08

Sponsored by LearnFit by Ergotron
Presented by Bob Hill, Education Manager at Ergotron

This webinar will present the positive impact of nondisruptive physical activity in the classroom to increase student achievement, behavior, and health. Bob Hill, Education Manager at Ergotron, will explore the role of low-level physical activity on the musculoskeletal, psycho-social, cardiovascular, and metabolic health of students, as well as their linkage to classroom performance. Bob also will share available grant-writing resources for adding height-adjustable and mobile student desks into the learning environment to put "enheightenment," or daily movement, back into the classroom.

This presentation is designed for teachers, principals, and administrators who are looking for innovative and practical ways to help unleash the potential of their students-and themselves-in a collaborative, flexible, and personalized way. The physical classroom plays a significant role in realizing the promise of personalized learning tools and 1:1 devices. This webinar demonstrates the essential role of classroom furniture in keeping apace of technology and learning styles.

Join Bob to learn how to improve your own students' health, behavior, and achievement through movement. He will field questions from attendees during this live, interactive session.

Presenter Bio
Bob Hill is the Education Manager at Ergotron. Bob is an advocate of building greater awareness of the ways students and educators can benefit from daily movement and providing the most effective furniture to accomplish that goal. Today's sedentary lifestyles are affecting youth and their classroom performance. Bob is passionate about spreading the information that can help improve this condition and make a lasting difference.

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