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Webinar on Aspergers

Identifying Autism Spectrum Disorder in School-Age Children

Apr 08, 2015 2015-04-08

Dr. Christopher Smith will reprise his presentation about keeping students with Asperger's from falling through the cracks. He will be expanding the question & answer portion of the webinar to address many of the major concerns brought up during the previous presentation, including who composes the evaluation team, how to work with parents, and what to do after a diagnosis is received.

Autism spectrum disorder can be diagnosed in people of all ages, not just children. When it comes to identifying students at risk, educators are on the frontlines. Don’t let kids with subtle signs slip through the cracks. Join us for an informative presentation from Christopher J. Smith, PhD., and share in an engaging talk and interactive Q&A about the signs in students, how to help when a child might be at-risk, and the critical importance of appropriate identification.

Topics will Include:
  • Asperger’s Still Exists: Understanding autism spectrum disorder and Asperger’s disorder (based on the DSM5, the American Psychiatric Association's current classification and diagnostic tool)
  • Identifying & Screening in Schools: What to look for, signs and behaviors, and screening tools for classroom educators and school professionals

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