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Virtual Reality • Augmented Reality

Computer-generated simulations of 3D environments; a composite view of the real world and computer-generated inputs; social learning experiences that include a story line in which participants' actions affect the outcome.

virtual reality calculus app

Oct 01, 2020


Visualizations of Curves, Surfaces, and Vector Fields in Multivariable Calculus

The Calculus in Virtual Reality (CalcVR) app for iOS and Android contains a wealth of content focused on multivariable calculus, covering topics such as 2D Coordinates and Graphs, 3D Coordinates and Graphs, Curves and Surfaces, and Vector Valued Functions. The twist is that the content is set against a backdrop of 360-degree images.

augmented reality geometry apps

Oct 01, 2020


3D Geometry Tasks to Increase Spatial Awareness

VR Math, an interactive app from VR-AR Education for iOS and Android, helps educators teach and students understand 3D geometry, graphs, and vectors via virtual and augmented reality. The content is accessible using VR headsets or in 360-degree or AR mode on a touchscreen.

Oct 01, 2020


World’s First Entirely Online Art Museum

Launched in September 2020, the Virtual Online Museum of Art (VOMA) is more than just an online gallery. VOMA is entirely virtual, from the paintings and drawings hanging on the walls to the museum’s computer-generated building itself, giving viewers a new way of experiencing art that transports them to an art space without having to leave their computers.

Sep 01, 2020


App That Lets Students Meet Female Space and Science Heroes—Virtually

Reach Across the Stars: A Universe of Explorers is an XR journey that lets users virtually “meet” female STEM heroes on their iOS or Android device. In the app’s journeys, a current scientist takes viewers into her work environment, recalling her favorite career moments, as well as challenges and obstacles.

Aug 17, 2020


Augmented-Reality Game Playing with Quarks and Particles

Using augmented-reality (AR) technology, the Quantum Rascals interactive AR puzzle game, by University of Southern Denmark, teaches students about quantum physics in a playful and innovative way. In the game, which is free to download on iOS and Android devices, students help Quantum Kate discover subatomic particles and become a true Quantum Rascal.


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