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Mar 01, 2023


Achievements of Unseen Women in Science and Technology

Scientific discovery has a long history; each new breakthrough has built on the work of countless individuals across years, decades, or even centuries. Many of the people who contributed to developments in science and technology were women.

coral reef and fish

Mar 01, 2023


Videos on Effects of Climate Change on the Oceans

The New England Aquarium’s Blue Impact video series expands students’ knowledge of climate change and helps students draw connections between climate change and changes in the oceans.

Mar 01, 2023


Ping-Pong Pickup—Engineering Challenge

K–12 students are invited to give engineering a try with the 2023 Engineering Challenge from Science Buddies. In the challenge, students use their problem-solving skills to design, build, and test contraptions, using simple materials. This year students are invited to make a device out of paper, string, tape, and paper clips to pick up a ping-pong ball and return it to a start line.

EdTech can boost student outcomes.

Mar 01, 2023

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Focus & Engage: How Edtech Can Boost Student Outcomes

With the widespread integration of interactive technologies and persistent noise pollution, students and teachers are in distracting and often uncomfortable environments to learn and teach. In a recent survey by Logitech and Education Week, 74% of teachers agreed that students’ level of physical comfort while using educational technology impacts their level of engagement in learning “some” or “a lot.” Research shows that when educators are equipped with the right tools, student engagement and learning outcomes can increase. Join Logitech, edWeb, and CoSN to learn practical and creative edtech strategies and actionable tips to overcome today’s classroom challenges.

dinosaur skeleton

Mar 01, 2023


Imaginative Investigations of Scientific Mysteries

Discovery Education’s Mystery Science inspires K–5 students to stay curious. Video-based, open-and-go core and mini lessons are driven by questions from real students, who guide the exploration of the world around them and inspire curiosity.


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