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Nov 15, 2016


Skype Activity Encouraging Learning without Borders

Microsoft is encouraging teachers and students to celebrate global learning by joining the Skype-a-Thon mission to travel 3 million miles over Skype on November 29 and 30.

Face the Future

Nov 01, 2016


Game About the Future of Empathy

This November Facing History and Institute for the Future will pioneer Face the Future, a 30-hour massively open onlinegame for social change” that will convene students, educators, and community members from around the world to imagine what a better future might look like in 2026.

Nov 01, 2016


Online Collaborative Discussion

A project of EXPLO (Learning Through Exploration), Join the Debates website presents middle school and high school students with an opportunity to promote, drive, and guide a presidential election-style debate while also fully participating in it. Join the Debates provides curricular materials with step-by-step instructions, wide-ranging discussion topics, and advice and suggestions from educators who have successfully used the collaborative discussion method at the heart of the project. Through Join the Debates, students will engage in controversy in a respectful, constructive manner; analyze an argument and follow up with thoughtful questions; and articulate their opinions clearly, confidently, and with evidence. They will improve teamwork skills, leadership skills, negotiation skills, and observation skills. They will also recognize and appreciate inclusivity and develop skills around encouraging others to speak. They will be reflective about both the conversation topic and the format, and point out connections between ideas and opinions expressed within the discussion and the world at large.

Become a Science Sleuth

Nov 01, 2016


Competition to Become a Science Sleuth is partnering with 3M for the third year in a campaign called Science Sleuth. Science Sleuth uses an SMS text-message game that asks young people to solve a mystery on their phone, using their math and science skills.

Encourage Expanding Book Choices

Oct 17, 2016


Program to Encourage Expanding Book Choices

For years, teachers, librarians, and booksellers have worked to encourage reading by creating booklists that link a popular title to “readalikes”: “If you liked Harry Potter, try Diana Wynne Jones’s Chronicles of Crestomanci,” or “If you liked The Hunger Games, try The 5th Wave.


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