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Professional Growth

Professional Growth opportunities for teachers, administrators, and educators.

Aug 01, 2022


Guide for Integrating Extended Reality Tools (XR) into the Classroom

An Introduction to Learning in the Metaverse offers practical strategies for educators to integrate the different tools that fall under the term Extended Reality, or XR, into learning experiences.

Aug 01, 2022


Education Leading to a Clean, Green, and Just Future for All

The Climascope Project curates and crowdsources digital climate textsets that are free, accessible, trustworthy, and engaging for all ages and disciplines.

Aug 01, 2022


Pathways for Latino Leadership in Education

Latinos for Education is the first Latino-founded and Latino-led national organization solely dedicated to creating leadership pathways for Latinos in education. The organization provides fellowships for aspiring Latino leaders and Latinx Teachers, primarily in Massachusetts, Houston, New York City, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Making the Most of EdTech

Jun 15, 2022

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Making the Most of EdTech: Smart School-Tested Strategies That Make a Difference

Many of us have the tech, but we don’t always know how or where it makes sense to use it in the classroom. In this freely downloadable webinar recording, Edina Public Schools and Logitech discuss simple, school-tested ways to use technology to creatively enhance learning.

The panelists share creative ways to personalize learning in virtual, hybrid, and in-person classrooms. They suggest ways to connect students with unique career pathway experiences and virtual internships, and expand global exchange global exchange program possibilities.

You’ll come away with creative ways to personalize learning and specific school-tested strategies that you can use immediately.

Access the FREE webinar recording here to empower student expression, engagement, and connection today.

women's history museum

Jun 15, 2022


Program Seeking Submissions of Digital Learning Materials About Women

The National Women’s History Museum is seeking K–12 educators to participate in its summer “For Educators, By EducatorsCurriculum Resources Development Program.


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