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Problem-based Learning

Student-centered teaching method in which students learn about a subject through solving an open-ended problem presented in trigger material.

STEM Curriculum from the Museum of Science, Boston

Sep 15, 2021

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Create a Generation of Problem Solvers

EiE, the award-winning curriculum division of the Museum of Science, Boston, develops research-based, classroom-tested programs that empower children to become lifelong STEM learners. Today’s children need to be problem solvers, critical thinkers, communicators, and collaborators—whether preparing for STEM-related careers or to contribute as world citizens. EiE’s preK–8 curricula encourage all children, including those from underrepresented groups, to envision a future in STEM.

Sep 01, 2021


Program That Fuels Future Innovators

Through the Young Inventors’ Program (YIP) at the University of New Hampshire, Leitzel Center, teachers guide students through the invention process to solve problems while applying STEM learning and gaining 21st-century skills.

Sep 01, 2021


Competition Encouraging Young Entrepreneurial Problem-Solvers

Honoring the legacy of Apollo 12 astronaut Charles “Pete” Conrad and his four-decade passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, the Conrad Challenge is an annual, multiphase innovation and entrepreneurship competition that encourages young adults to participate in designing the future through purpose-driven education.

Jun 25, 2021


Social–Emotional Learning in a Remote Environment

Independence, accountability, and leadership—how do we fit these powerful life skills into a remote learning environment? The start of the school year was an adjustment. Most of our students attended school in a hybrid model while others opted for 100 percent virtual. September was the start of a teaching and learning experience like no other, and we were ready for anything.

May 17, 2021

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Equip Your Teachers for a Post-Pandemic Reality

The 3DBear Deep Learning Academy provides educators skills, knowledge, and technology to motivate students to learn deeply. In just five 90-minute sessions, they will learn how to engage students in immersive learning experiences, whether teaching in-class or remotely. Teachers will be able to prepare lessons, create custom content, and deliver instruction to students that will enable student voice, shift responsibility for learning to students themselves, and meet rigorous learning objectives.


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