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Get Safely Back to School

Nov 02, 2020

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Technology to Help Schools Mitigate Risks

SafetyCulture, the world’s leading platform for workplace safety, is making its premium technology available to schools nationwide, free of charge. Through its Safely Back-to-Learning initiative, SafetyCulture is providing schools with easy-to-use digital checklists and technology, enabling schools to implement consistent and easily verifiable safety protocols based on CDC or state and local guidelines. Administrators, teachers, and students will be able to view their school’s, real-time data dashboard that shows the status of conditions and cleaning activities based on the checks completed. Checklists and protocols can quickly be adapted to reflect the conditions and characteristics of each school. Take advantage of this free technology, today by signing up here.

Oct 15, 2020


Ideas for Responding to Student Trauma Compounded by COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis is compounding traumatic experiences for many students, say researchers with the Appalachia Regional Educational Laboratory (REL AP), part of the Institute for Educational Sciences.

Oct 15, 2020


Ebook on Supporting Student Safety and Mental Health in Online Environments

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and October 10 marked World Mental Health Day. To help schools address these important issues, Impero Software has created a freely downloadable ebook, Supporting Student Mental Health and Safety During Remote Learning.

COVID documentary for perspective of children.

Sep 01, 2020


Film Documenting the Pandemic From Children’s Perspectives

As the nation grapples with the impact and fears of COVID-19, these times continue to be unpredictable and emotionally charged, especially for children. Global Oneness Project is sharing a new short documentary that captures the experiences and emotions of youth.

Telling the story of COVID-19 from a women's points of view.

Sep 01, 2020


COVID-19 Journaling Project

As America’s national institution for promoting, interpreting, and celebrating women’s history, the National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) is ensuring that women and girls’ unique voices and experiences are not left out of the telling of the COVID-19 story. To this end, NWHM has launched the Women Writing History: A Coronavirus Journaling Project.


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