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Funding opportunities, grants, and recognition awards.

Feb 01, 2022


Grants Fostering Creative Expression Through Music

The Mockingbird Foundation offers competitive grants to schools and nonprofit organizations that effect improvements in music education for children.

Free Grant Research Database

Jan 18, 2022


What Makes a Successful Grant Application?

GetEdFunding is a grant-finding resource sponsored by CDW•G that is dedicated to helping educators, schools, and other institutions identify the funding they need in budget-tight times. In addition to hosting thousands of funding opportunities from federal, state, regional, and community sources, GetEdFunding hosts a blog with suggestions for grantwriting. Educators will find articles such as “What Makes a Successful Grant Application?“ “5 Steps to Best Practices in Grantwriting,” and “How to Spot a Scam Grant.”

Start uncovering funds now at to keep updated on fast-approaching deadlines, new opportunities, and tips on creating outstanding grant proposals.

Vans Shoes Art Contest

Jan 18, 2022


Competition to Invigorate Arts Education Budgets

Vans High School Custom Culture was created to inspire and empower high school students to embrace their creativity through art and design and bring attention to diminishing arts education budgets. Vans High School Custom Culture contest for 2022 is now open, and students have the opportunity to win $50,000 for their high school’s art program!

Jan 18, 2022


“Awesome” Grants to Fund “Awesome” Projects

The Awesome Foundation is an ever-growing worldwide community devoted to forwarding the interest of awesome in the universe. Each fully autonomous chapter supports awesome projects through microgrants of $1,000 (or the local equivalent), which are usually given out monthly.

Jan 18, 2022


Grants to Provide Reading Materials to Disadvantaged Children

School libraries serving disadvantaged children in prekindergarten through grade 12 are eligible for grants from the Snapdragon Book Foundation. The grants typically range from $2,500 to $10,000.


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