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Educational Technology

The use of physical hardware and education theoretics. Educational Technology includes learning theory, computer-based training, online learning, and mobile learning.

Dec 01, 2021


Art and Culture Stories in Augmented Reality

Developed by Boulevard, the BLVRD Features app for iOS brings users engrossing art and culture stories from around the world and throughout the ages, all in augmented reality (AR).

Dec 01, 2021


Critical Decision Points in History Brought to Life

Think Like Churchill, an iOS app from Touchpress, invites users to face several scenarios from British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s life and weigh how to respond at key decision points.

Dec 01, 2021


Virtual Tour of a NASA Facility to See Where It All Happens

Students can take a 360-degree virtual tour of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at California Institute of Technology. Through the virtual tour, students can explore key areas of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Tech-Enabled Creativity in Teaching

Dec 01, 2021

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5 Ways to Support Tech-Enabled Creativity in Learning

Imagine creating a learning environment where students of all ages and abilities find engaging learning modules and approaches that fit their unique needs. Education technology, strategically chosen and creatively implemented, supports growth for teachers, inspires students to actively engage in learning, and creates thriving educational environments. Download Logitech for Educator’s latest ebook that demonstrates how to bring this type of tech-enabled creativity to your school. See how to empower teachers to reimagine creativity in education, create innovative and dynamic learning content, deliver that learning content in inventive ways, and connect with more students, more deeply.

Dec 01, 2021


Race and Gender Equity in STEM Through Experiential Learning

Through innovative and experiential education programs for K–12 students from under-resourced communities, Learning Undefeated sparks interest in STEM careers, building the workforce that will drive the innovation economy and bridging school, community, health, and business.


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