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Mar 25, 2022


From CRT to RCT: The Urgent Case for Raising Critical Thinkers

I am completely unmoved by the debate over the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools. I fully understand that CRT is an esoteric theory that’s used in law school and doctoral programs as one of many frameworks of analyzing historic and present policies and phenomena. But I understand what people really mean when they argue that CRT should not be present in schools: schools should not talk about things that make children feel uncomfortable, like antiracism. Schools should not indoctrinate children or make them feel bad about what they learn in school, especially if school is teaching them to feel guilty about being the big, bad, evil, privileged white oppressor.

Mar 15, 2022


Art Project Promoting Unity Through Diversity

The vision of Mural Mosaic is to “(Re)Connect the World” through the joy of art—one painted tile, one tree, one community, one country at a time. Through its Global Roots project, Mural Mosaic aims to reach out and create as many murals as possible around the world to reconnect individuals to their roots.

Mar 15, 2022


Projects That Inspire Students to Become Changemakers

The nonprofit Makers for Change (M4C) serves students and teachers by increasing equitable access to advanced technologies, supporting community engagement in makerspaces, and inspiring makers to become changemakers.

Mar 15, 2022


Game That Emphasizes Building a More Peaceful World

Minecraft has released an immersive educational game called Active Citizen, in partnership with the Nobel Peace Center and Games for Change. The goal of the game is to help educate youth worldwide about Nobel Peace Prize laureates, past and present, and foster an understanding of the skills needed to drive positive change in the world.

Mar 11, 2022


Our Top 5 Resources in February 2022

Each month we publish blogs and newsletters full of digital learning, funding, professional growth, social media, and STEM resources. Below are items from our blogs and newsletters that educators turned to the most in February.


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