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Poetry Resources

Sep 01, 2015


Engage Students with the Art of Poetry

The Academy of American Poets hopes to give teachers in all content areas multiple opportunities to integrate poetry into their instruction with Teach This Poem, a new, free weekly email that features a poem along with instructional resources and ideas for activities related to the selection. The new initiative, which begins September 2, expands on the Academy’s existing Poem-a-Day, an online syndicated series featuring previously unpublished poems, which has been running since 2006.

Tween Tribune Smithsonian

Sep 01, 2015


Foster Daily News-Reading Habits

TweenTribune, a news site from the Smithsonian Institution, provides daily news articles for students. The articles are selected by professional journalists working in collaboration with teachers and students. As a Smithsonian resource, the website has a plethora of science- and history-focused articles. 

International Literacy Day

Sep 01, 2015


Start a Literacy Movement

International Literacy Day is about focusing attention on worldwide literacy needs. For this International Literacy Day, the International Literacy Association (ILA), formerly the International Reading Association, has compiled a kit of creative classroom ideas and student activities centered on the collective action theme The Power of the People: Start a Literacy Movement.

StoneWare - Simple, Reliable Classroom Management Software

Aug 17, 2015

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Access Files, Applications, and Reports from Any Device

Stoneware’s webNetwork delivers a unified workspace where teachers and students access everything they need from wherever they are located. Users have freedom and flexibility to access resources from any device, extending education beyond classroom walls. webNetwork enables key initiatives such as personalized learning, 1:1/BYOD, and Common Core assessment delivery.

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Digital Music Creation

Aug 17, 2015


Join a Musical Mission

PBS LearningMedia offers 17 free videos in which students can explore the inspiring musical mission of DJs Pierce Freelon and Stephan Levitin, and their globe-trotting Beat Making Lab.


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