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Graphic Novels in Education

Aug 17, 2015


Connect with Comic Book Professionals

The Comics Connector, an online resource from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF), connects teachers and librarians with comics professionals who are able to visit them in classrooms throughout the United States. CBLDF’s tools and resources include discussion guides, case studies, and an online column titled “Using Graphic Novels in Education.”

Aug 17, 2015


Implement Redesigned AP Courses

To continually enhance alignment with current best practices in college-level learning and help students develop the knowledge and skills essential for college majors and subsequent careers, the College Board is making a number of key changes to its Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Explore Career Possibilities

Aug 17, 2015


Journey Toward Wisdom

PBS LearningMedia’s Roadtrip Nation personalizes the career exploration process for young people by focusing on their interests and the questions they may have about how to build a life around what they love. Roadtrip Nation blends conversations on topics such as family pressure and the true meaning of success with practical career and education advice. 

Science Gaems

Aug 17, 2015


Focus on Science Misconceptions

Developed by EDC’s Center for Children & Technology, the Possible Worlds digital games are designed to help improve student understanding of phenomena that are often the subject of scientific misconceptions. The games are the centerpieces of modules that address four topics: photosynthesis, heredity, electricity, and heat transfer. Each game includes classroom activities for teachers that have been developed to leverage students’ experiences within the games.

CoSN Protecting Privacy in Connected Learning

Aug 17, 2015

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Protect Students' Privacy with CoSN

Educators and policymakers are increasingly realizing the potential in using student data to make informed decisions. But even with all that potential, balancing technology advances with the need to protect student privacy and data is a major challenge. CoSN’s Protecting Privacy in Connected Learning initiative aims to help inform your efforts. Visit CoSN’s website to download the free Protecting Privacy toolkit and new information about the 10 principles to guide the use of student data.

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