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Apr 15, 2016


Experience the Best of Shakespeare

The Stratford Festival in Canada is commemorating the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death by making his plays accessible to a generation raised on the Internet. The festival has unveiled an online teaching platform that will include each of Shakespeare’s scripts, a film clip of every scene, and notes to understand each piece of dialogue.

Simple devices management made smart.

Apr 01, 2016

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All in One. One for All.

Introducing the Lightspeed Systems Management Bundle. Built with schools in mind, the bundle gives administrators features such as centralized IT control and multi-OS support, while teachers get easy classroom management, full access to Office365, and more. It’s simple device management made smart, all in one and one for all. See how the bundle can make your job easier.

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Simple, powerful device management for schools.

Mar 15, 2016

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Make Device Management Simple

Seamless, centralized control for administrators. Easy classroom management for teachers. A learning experience that goes far beyond the limitations of other solutions. Introducing the all-in-one device integration and management tool for schools that combines ease of use with the power, flexibility, and familiarity of Windows devices—no compromise required. See if the bundle is right for your classrooms.

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Children's Book Week

Mar 15, 2016


Champion Children’s Books

Established in 1919, Children’s Book Week is the longest-running national literacy initiative in the country.Every year commemorative events are held nationwide at schools, libraries, bookstores, homes—wherever young readers and books connect.

Influential Women in History

Mar 15, 2016


Celebrate Extraordinary and Ordinary Women Throughout History

From artifacts on the Seneca Falls Convention to a video on Susan B. Anthony’s arrest to a timeline on major events in the fight for gender equality, NewseumED is a source for lesson plans and activities that can be used to observe Women’s History Month in March—and all year long.


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