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Jun 01, 2016


Dictionary Tool with Tweets

Wordnik has the look and feel of a traditional dictionary with a twist. Along with the definition of a word, students see images related to the word, hear related sounds, and even see tweets with the target word highlighted.

Writing Games

Jun 01, 2016


Authentic Workplace Writing Games

Providing a “virtual internship” experience at a fictional television news station, Toolwire’s Writing Games challenge high school students to review, practice, and demonstrate writing skills in authentic workplace scenarios.

Electronic Portfolios

May 16, 2016


Share Educational Accomplishments

GoEnnounce lets middle school and high school students create and share electronic portfolios of their academic and extracurricular achievements. On the free platform (or using the free iOS app), students can build personal pages where they highlight their activities and awards, showcase their school projects, and connect with their family, peers, and mentors.

OtterBox Makes the Case for Education

May 16, 2016

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Protect Potential Together

With the prevalence of technology, access to knowledge is everywhere. Students carry entire libraries in their backpacks and hundreds of textbooks in their back pocket. Technology, however amazing it may be, doesn’t matter much when it has a broken screen or buttons that don’t work. That’s where OtterBox helps. OtterBox UnlimitEd is a protective case engineered specifically for technology used in the K–12 environment. As mobile technology becomes a permanent fixture in classrooms, OtterBox UnlimitEd helps to guard against damage from drops, dings, and the unexpected. Count on OtterBox UnlimitEd to protect your technology investment and the learning potential of every student. Visit OtterBox at ISTE Booth 1544 to learn more.

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World Classroom

May 16, 2016


Bring the World to the Classroom

The Global Oneness Project offers free multicultural stories and accompanying lesson plans for high school classrooms. From a Yup’ik man in Alaska teaching his grandson to fish, to Mongolian nomads struggling to preserve their way of life, these valuable stories situate day-to-day events within a larger, historical context.


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