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Teaching Shakespeare in the Digital Age

Jan 04, 2017


Multimedia Explorations of Shakespeare

MyShakespeare is a resource for teaching Shakespeare in the digital age. Currently three plays are available: Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, and Macbeth (Julius Caesar is coming soon).

C-SPAN Classroom Fake News

Jan 04, 2017


Lesson on the Influence of Fake News

C-SPAN Classroom has a new lesson plan that is timely given the recent discussions about fake news stories created and shared through social media. Media Literacy & Fake News is a free lesson plan based on five C-SPAN videos featuring authors and other experts talking about the role of media in influencing how people think about political topics.

Smart Science Courseware

Jan 04, 2017


Next-Generation Science Courseware

Inspark is a global team of educators and experts creating and sharing next-generation courses to revolutionize science education by teaching the subject as an exploration of the unknown, not just a mastery of the known. Inspark’s smart courseware includes “BioBeyond (introductory biology course), “Habworlds (general education science course), and “Inhabiting Earth (course teaching chemistry principles through the interplay of matter and energy).

Center for News Literacy Ripped from the Headlines

Jan 04, 2017


Literacy Lessons Based on the News

The Center for News Literacy in Stony Brook University’s School of Journalism has established the Digital Resources Center, which features “Ripped from the Headlines”—literacy lessons, based on the latest news, ready to use in class.

Radio Diaries Stories Everyday People

Dec 01, 2016


Recordings of Extraordinary Stories Told by Everyday People

Like so many of the best radio shows and podcasts available today, Radio Diaries is rooted firmly in the tradition of Studs Terkel, the author, historian, and radio broadcaster who was the first to popularize the recording of everyday people around the country.


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