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21st Century Themes

21st Century Themes include Global Awareness; and Environmental, Financial, Civic, and Health Literacy.

Tech-Enabled Creativity in Teaching

Nov 01, 2021

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5 Ways to Support Tech-Enabled Creativity in Learning

Imagine creating a learning environment where students of all ages and abilities find engaging learning modules and approaches that fit their unique needs. Education technology, strategically chosen and creatively implemented, supports growth for teachers, inspires students to actively engage in learning, and creates thriving educational environments. Download Logitech for Educator’s latest ebook that demonstrates how to bring this type of tech-enabled creativity to your school. See how to empower teachers to reimagine creativity in education, create innovative and dynamic learning content, deliver that learning content in inventive ways, and connect with more students, more deeply.

Oct 15, 2021


STEAM Program Transforming Learners into Innovators

TinkRworks’ standards-aligned supplemental STEAM program reinforces core learnings through a multidisciplinary curriculum that includes projects and individual student kits. The STEAM-X curriculum is tailored for classrooms and remote or hybrid settings.

Oct 15, 2021


Real-World Cybersecurity Challenges with Opportunities to Win Scholarships

CyberStart America provides a free immersive cybersecurity training game for high school students, with more than 200 engaging challenges, which students solve as cybersecurity agents investigating criminal gangs.

Oct 15, 2021


Podcast Digging Deep into Philosophical Questions

A History of Ideas is a philosophy and history podcast created by the BBC. In each episode, the hosts and their guests dig into classical thought through a modern lens, examining the impact of philosophers and their philosophies in the past and the present.

Oct 15, 2021


STEM Program Connecting Real-World Phenomena with 3D Learning

Twig Science Next Gen is a preK–8 STEM program built to address the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The program provides comprehensive coverage of 3D science standards through engaging hands-on and digital investigations in which students take on the roles of real-world scientists and engineers.


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