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21st Century Themes include Global Awareness; and Environmental, Financial, Civic, and Health Literacy.

15 Tech Ideas

Mar 01, 2022

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Technology-Led Ideas to Power Students’ Creativity Potential

Guide students to their fullest potential with these 15 teacher-tested ideas to infuse creativity in the classroom. Edtech learning can assist students to express, engage, and connect in the classroom, allowing students to lean in to their individual learning styles. Encourage student creativity through new technology-led learning experiences.

Feb 01, 2022


Explorations Encouraging Artistic Expression and Creativity

The NGAkids Art Zone iPad app has eight interactive activities inspired by works in the collection of the National Gallery of Art, plus a sketchbook for freehand drawing and a personal exhibition space where users can save and display art created with the program.

Feb 01, 2022


What Are “Unrestricted Funds”?

GetEdFunding is a grant-finding resource sponsored by CDW•G that is dedicated to helping educators, schools, and other institutions identify the funding they need in budget-tight times. In addition to hosting thousands of funding opportunities, GetEdFunding provides a comprehensive glossary of fund-related terminology to help educators more easily navigate the funding landscape.

15 teacher-tested tech ideas

Feb 01, 2022

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15 Tech Ideas to Power Students’ Creative Potential

Make 2022 the year of fulfilled potential with 15 teacher-tested tech ideas set to transform the way your students learn. Empower your students to express, engage, and create. Download Logitech’s free Tech-Led Activity Resource Guide.

Jan 28, 2022


Using Peers to Support Children with Autism in the Classroom

It takes a village to teach students with autism, but usually we only think of adults as making up that support community. Research continues to show that not only do students with autism respond better to interventions that are modeled by same-age neurotypical peers, but it also has positive benefits for those peers by increasing their empathy, advocacy, and leadership skills. Additionally, a community of students supporting their classmates with autism increases inclusivity and normalizes diversity, which can greatly impact the community’s emotional well-being.


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