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21st Century Themes

21st Century Themes include Global Awareness; and Environmental, Financial, Civic, and Health Literacy.

Apr 22, 2022


The Educational Value of Inventors and Invention

It is never too early to encourage students to become problem-solvers. To identify a problem and use creativity to develop a solution is a lifelong skill that can be used in every facet of life. Inventing does just that. Learning about inventions in the past and understanding the process inventors go through to develop inventions helps students become critical thinkers and problem-solvers.

Apr 15, 2022


School Esports Leagues for Teambuilding

Playing video games is fun, but playing online multiplayer games against teams from other schools—just like a physical sports league—is a great way to bring students’ gaming skills up a level. The Stride Esports League gives students an online platform to challenge their peers across the nation while learning teambuilding and communication skills.

Apr 01, 2022


Prestigious Economics Competition for High School Students

The National Economics Challenge (NEC), sponsored by the Council for Economic Education (CEE), is the nation’s only economics competition of its kind for high school students. Students are challenged to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of micro- and macroeconomic principles, as well as the world economy.

Apr 01, 2022


Get Grants Alerts from GetEdFunding

GetEdFunding is a grant-finding resource sponsored by CDW•G that is dedicated to helping educators, schools, and other institutions identify the funding they need in budget-tight times. Check out the Grants Alert section where you’ll find some funding opportunities with fast-approaching deadlines.

15 Tech Ideas

Apr 01, 2022

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Free Guide to Encourage Student Creativity

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