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May 02, 2022


STEM Professional Development to Improve Student Achievement

With the goal of improving student achievement, NASA’s US Satellite Laboratory offers exemplary STEM educator professional development, mentoring, and standards-based curricula, utilizing technology as a tool for understanding while engaging students in meaningful contexts.

15 Tech Ideas

Apr 01, 2022

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Free Guide to Encourage Student Creativity

Don’t miss your free resource with teacher-tested edtech activities that empower student expression, engagement, and connection to suit any classroom style. Download this free guide from Logitech and explore new ways to encourage creative learning experiences.

15 Tech Ideas

Mar 01, 2022

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Technology-Led Ideas to Power Students’ Creativity Potential

Guide students to their fullest potential with these 15 teacher-tested ideas to infuse creativity in the classroom. Edtech learning can assist students to express, engage, and connect in the classroom, allowing students to lean in to their individual learning styles. Encourage student creativity through new technology-led learning experiences.

Hybrid Classroom Solutions

Feb 01, 2022

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Innovative Devices, Software, and Services That Bring Learning to Life

Students are the foundation of a better future, and Lenovo Education is here to help educators break down barriers, foster equality, and inspire the next generation to soar. Lenovo believes every student deserves the advantages of educational technology. To make that a reality, the company is working with schools to implement solutions that promote equity and help bridge the digital divide. The Lenovo team is dedicated to working closely with IT leaders and educators to understand their challenges and develop customized, flexible solutions that meet their needs and beyond.

Feb 01, 2022


Significant Objects and Documents from 5 Science Museums

The Science Museum Group in the UK shares an unparalleled, diverse, and internationally significant collection of more than 7.3 million items, spanning science, technology, engineering, medicine, transportation, and media.


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