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Problem-based Learning

Student-centered teaching method in which students learn about a subject through solving an open-ended problem presented in trigger material.

Dec 01, 2021


Wonder League Robotics Competition

Students are invited to join the Wonder League Robotics Competition, sponsored by Wonder Workshop, and shine a spotlight on their impactful inventions in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM).

Dec 01, 2021


MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge

The MathWorks Math Modeling (M3) Challenge is a contest sponsored by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) for high school juniors and seniors in the United States. Teams of three to five students solve an open-ended problem about a real issue in 14 continuous hours over the M3 Challenge weekend.

Nov 15, 2021


Virtual Learning and Collaboration to Design an Airport

The Airport Design Challenge is a seven-week interactive learning and collaboration opportunity that begins on November 15, 2021, and concludes on January 14, 2022. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Aviation and Space Education (AVSED) Program organizes and sponsors the challenge.

Nov 15, 2021


Problem-Solving Explorations in Math, Science, and Computer Science

Whether users want to hone their quantitative skills or improve their knowledge of science and technology, the Brilliant app for iOS and Android devices creates inspiring, interactive learning experiences for ages 10 through 110!

STEM Curriculum from the Museum of Science, Boston

Sep 15, 2021

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Create a Generation of Problem Solvers

EiE, the award-winning curriculum division of the Museum of Science, Boston, develops research-based, classroom-tested programs that empower children to become lifelong STEM learners. Today’s children need to be problem solvers, critical thinkers, communicators, and collaborators—whether preparing for STEM-related careers or to contribute as world citizens. EiE’s preK–8 curricula encourage all children, including those from underrepresented groups, to envision a future in STEM.


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