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Information Literacy

Accessing and evaluating information; using and managing information.

May 02, 2022


Network for Sharing Educational Strategies and Resources

Pedagogue is a social media network where educators can share advice, strategies, tools, hacks, resources, and more, and work together to improve their teaching skills and the academic performance of the students in their charge.

May 02, 2022


Education-Related Conversations on Social Media

TweetMeets are monthly conversations on Twitter about education-related topics. At event times, anyone can join and respond to five discussion questions.

Mar 25, 2022


From CRT to RCT: The Urgent Case for Raising Critical Thinkers

I am completely unmoved by the debate over the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools. I fully understand that CRT is an esoteric theory that’s used in law school and doctoral programs as one of many frameworks of analyzing historic and present policies and phenomena. But I understand what people really mean when they argue that CRT should not be present in schools: schools should not talk about things that make children feel uncomfortable, like antiracism. Schools should not indoctrinate children or make them feel bad about what they learn in school, especially if school is teaching them to feel guilty about being the big, bad, evil, privileged white oppressor.

Mar 01, 2022


Tool for Parsing Fact from Fiction

The nonpartisan, nonprofit News Literacy Project (NLP) has launched a tool for teachers to help them fight disinformation and strengthen news literacy. The tool is aimed in part at highlighting the importance of the First Amendment and value of the free press.

Oct 15, 2021


Award Recognizing Educators Promoting Gender Equity in Computing

Sponsored by the National Center for Women and Information Technology, the Aspirations in Computing Educator Award celebrates high school educators who encourage girls’ interest and participation in technology pursuits.


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