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Gamification/Game-Based Learning

Games that support learning; teaching that uses games to increase student engagement and participation.

minecraft house

Feb 01, 2023


Minecraft Server for Grieving Children

Two nonprofits, Experience Camps and Connected Camps, and University of California, Irvine have joined forces to create a Minecraft server that connects and supports students who have experienced loss. Children who join ExperienceCraft can build, chat, play, and share with one another across a wide variety of in-game activities. But those who participate have all had one unfortunate experience that ties them together.

paper with math equations

Jan 04, 2023


2023 Year Game—Developing Mathematical Reasoning

For many years, mathematicians, scientists, engineers, and others interested in mathematics have played “year games” via email and online. It may not always be possible to write expressions for all the numbers from 1 to 100 using only the digits in the current year, but it is fun to try to see how many students can find. This year may prove to be a challenge.

Artemis spacecraft

Jan 04, 2023


Out-of-This-World Space Innovation Tour

Students in grades 4 and above can go on a behind-the-scenes virtual tour from NASA’s Johnson Space Center and explore the Callisto technology experiment that is heading to the Moon during the Artemis mission.

Nov 15, 2022


Gaming App to Improve Literacy

The Barbara Bush Foundation has worked with the Dollar General Foundation and Southern Methodist University’s game lab for the last few years to develop an app to transform literacy skills with engaging, puzzle-solving gameplay.

Coding Programming Game App

Oct 17, 2022


Game-Design Coding Tool

The idea behind Ready Maker is to get everyone into coding—young students and beginners alike—by using gaming as an entry point. Since playing games appeals to many students, building one is a fun way to learn coding without focusing on the nitty-gritty of the code itself.


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