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Gamification/Game-Based Learning

Games that support learning; teaching that uses games to increase student engagement and participation.

cartoon of cow directing orchestra

Jun 01, 2023


Activities That Encourage Musical Curiosity

Carnegie Hall Kids is a child-friendly website that invites youth aged 5–12 to learn about music through activities that ignite children’s imagination. Through a fun and engaging interface, young people can learn about the history of Carnegie Hall, as well as explore a variety of musical genres and traditions.

artwork of music notes

May 01, 2023


Tool to Empower Children to Tell Their Stories Through Music

Getting children to compose music has always been seen as difficult, a skill reserved for those who have mastered theory and acquired sufficient instrumental skill. With Hyperscore, children can express their innate musicianship literally in minutes, regardless of their level or prior music experience.

cartoon woman grocery store

Apr 17, 2023


Interactive Virtual Reality (VR) Language-Learning Scenes

Noun Town is a new app on the VR language-learning scene. The app, which was launched in December 2022, offers gamified learning, setting users on a grayscale island that gradually becomes colorized as they complete tasks.

outer space

Apr 17, 2023


SPOTLIGHT! On Building and Cultivating Community Through Astronomy

The flagship event of Astronomers Without Borders, Global Astronomy Month takes place every year in April. The aim is to encourage everyone to go outside, look up, and share the sky. It’s also an excellent time to immerse students in STEM topics, from telling space stories to engaging in a virtual exploration of the Universe.

boy in vr headset

Apr 17, 2023


Language Learning in VR with Native Speakers in Authentic Locations

ImmerseMe offers solo language practice in virtual reality. In each lesson, students will find themselves in a 360-degree photographic image filmed on location in a place where their language of choice is spoken.


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