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Digital Literacy

Applying and using technology  effectively as a research, organization, and evaluation tool; using digital technologies and social networks to access, manage, create, and evaluate information successfully.

Oct 15, 2021


STEAM Program Transforming Learners into Innovators

TinkRworks’ standards-aligned supplemental STEAM program reinforces core learnings through a multidisciplinary curriculum that includes projects and individual student kits. The STEAM-X curriculum is tailored for classrooms and remote or hybrid settings.

teach remotely from home

Oct 15, 2021

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Teach Remotely from the Comfort of Your Home

Proximity Learning is hiring exceptional teachers for the 2021–22 school year. The company hires certified teachers and trains them in virtual learning best practices before matching them with class times that fit their unique schedules. A great teacher can change a student’s life. That’s what drives Proximity Learning teachers to be passionate, innovative, challenge-seeking educators. Thousands of students across the country currently lack access to certified teachers in crucial subjects. Teaching with Proximity Learning enables teachers like you to connect with those students and make an impact.

Logitech tools designed for iPads, built for classrooms.

Oct 15, 2021

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Boost Knowledge, Retention, and Achievement

Educators are shifting their focus to solutions that maximize their schools’ technology investments, drive learning outcomes, and build confidence in the classroom. Built for the iPad ecosystem and designed for diverse learning styles, Logitech’s education solutions expand the horizons of what’s possible in the classroom and beyond. Schedule a demo with the Logitech team and learn about special pricing for your school.

Oct 15, 2021


STEM Program Connecting Real-World Phenomena with 3D Learning

Twig Science Next Gen is a preK–8 STEM program built to address the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The program provides comprehensive coverage of 3D science standards through engaging hands-on and digital investigations in which students take on the roles of real-world scientists and engineers.

Sep 15, 2021


America’s Story Told Through the Founders’ Thoughts and Debates

In 2010 the National Archives entered into a cooperative agreement with The University of Virginia Press to create Founders Online and make freely available the historical documents of the founders of the United States of America.


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