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Sep 15, 2022


Green Lab Grant

The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, has partnered with Exelon Foundation in championing science learning for high school students and in encouraging new thinking about the environment. Out-of-school-time providers are invited to develop a STEM Lab for the future aimed at tackling solutions to the environmental crisis, with a minds-on approach and hands-on science skills.

Sep 01, 2022


Role Models Introducing Girls to the World of STEM

She Can STEM encourages all girls to stay interested in STEM by showcasing how messy, experimental, and hands-on STEM can be, and how daring to STEM can change the world. Through stories, students are introduced to women and girls who are changing the world with STEM.

Sep 01, 2022


Guidance System for Next Generation Astronauts

Naut Normal’s vision is to see all youth grow into adults with a foundational understanding of human spaceflight, unifying humanity and inspiring a new age of excitement, inclusion, and space exploration. High school teachers can sign up to be an early access tester of the Naut Normal curriculum experience.

Sep 01, 2022


Program Developing STEM-Related Career Skills Through Gaming

Girls Who Game is an extracurricular program for girls in grades 4–8, created by Dell Technologies with partners Microsoft and Intel. The program provides an opportunity for underserved students across North America to learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through gaming.

Sep 01, 2022


Culturally Conscious Space for Exploring Mathematics

Founded by a former math teacher and school leader, Black Girls Love Math (BGLM) uses a research-based approach to create an engaging, encouraging, and culturally conscious space for Black girls to explore and discover math.


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