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Feb 01, 2023


Well-Being and Leadership Summit for Women District Leaders

Power Trip 2023 continues Big Deal Media’s annual tradition of bringing women district administrators together for a well-being and leadership summit. Join an amazing group of only 50 district administrators on July 16–19, 2023, for A Personal and Professional Life-Changing Experience at Miraval Austin Resort & Spa in Austin, Texas. Discover tools, strategies, and personal renewal that you—as a top district decision maker—can use to become a more effective leader, communicator, driver of change, and collaborative designer of your district. Visit the Power Trip 2023 website to register for this one-of-a-kind experience.

social-emotional learning programs for PreK-12

Feb 01, 2023

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Multi-Tiered System of Support for Students of All Ages

Ripple Effects, a leader in social–emotional learning (SEL) for more than 20 years, provides a digital suite of evidence-based preK–12 programs that help learners and educators understand the root cause of social and behavior challenges, allowing them to customize plans to meet their specific needs. The programs are developmentally appropriate to promote personalized SEL skill-building, behavioral support, and positive mental health. In 2022 the Ripple Effects for Teens program was designated a recommended program by CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning), and its early learner program, Bouncy’s Ready to Learn Resilience, was a finalist in the 2022 EdTech Cool Tool Awards.


Feb 01, 2023


Documentary Capturing Teachers Creating Equitable Classes

We Have to Do Something Different is a documentary film produced by the Teaching Systems Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The film provokes important conversations about the big challenges facing schools by taking a detailed look at the small steps teachers around the country are taking every day to help their students succeed.

Whitepaper on the connection between ergonomics and student engagement.

Feb 01, 2023

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Whitepaper: The Ergonomics Equation

Don’t miss the latest research from Logitech on how the right edtech can impact student engagement and classroom outcomes. More than 1,000 educators and school + district administrators were surveyed about current edtech setups and challenges. Read about how student engagement, focus, and stamina can improve when physical comfort with technology is considered ... and learn what happens when it isn’t. This is a must-read for all who manage and interact with edtech hardware.

Office of Educational Technology COVID-19

Feb 01, 2023


Federal COVID Relief Money

Schools generally have until the fall of 2024 to use the last of their federal COVID relief dollars. In a January 26 letter, the US Department of Education offered recommendations to help school districts use their remaining coronavirus relief funding to plan for the long-term success of education technology programs.


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