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Mar 01, 2023 2023-03-01

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Virtual Conference on Meaningful Teaching About the Holocaust

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is hosting a virtual conference, June 26–28, 2023, where educators can access materials, hear directly from Holocaust survivors, and connect with other teachers. Designed to support accurate, meaningful teaching about the Holocaust, the Belfer National Conference for Educators is the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s flagship event for secondary school educators across the country.

The conference invites participants to engage with current historical research and instructional best practices. Educators will discover and learn how to use various classroom resources, find inspiration in new ideas, and connect with peers engaged in similar work across the United States and worldwide. This year’s conference will also take participants behind the scenes of the museum’s vast collections, places not open to the public, sharing lessons and classroom strategies.

The conference will address two key themes critical to teaching about the Holocaust: Teaching with Evidence and Confronting Antisemitism. Holocaust survivor Susan (Hilsenrath) Warsinger will discuss the importance of first-person testimony and the unique perspective it provides for teaching about American history and Holocaust history.

The free three-day virtual conference features sessions designed for middle school and high school educators, as well as district, state, and school-level administrators and curriculum leaders. The full conference schedule will be available in March. Registration for the 2023 conference is now open.

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