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Nov 15, 2018 2018-11-15

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Tool for Students to Express Gratitude

Give Thx provides a structured way for teachers and students to practice expressing gratitude through peer feedback and reflection. The mobile and web platform is straightforward: students log in and write a short thank-you note for one of their classmates. GiveThx offers teachers guidelines for running gratitude exercises, all of which are designed to take less than five minutes, three times each week. Students may choose an individual classmate to thank, or if they’re working in a group, they may decide to write a thank-you note to their teammates at the end of the activity. Teachers can designate a theme for students to organize their notes around—for example, empathy, patience, or understanding. A dashboard for educators shows the distribution and frequency of thank-you notes that students have sent. At the end of each week, students can reflect on one specific message, or they can review all the notes and think about their strengths and growth areas, and the impact they made on their classmates. GiveThx was initially designed for middle school and high school students, but the tool has also found a receptive audience at the younger levels. GiveThx is invitation only. Teachers can request access and become a Teacher Pioneer to try it in their classroom.

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