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Dec 01, 2017 2017-12-01

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Textbook Devoted to Racial Literacy

Teenagers Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi started the student-run organization CHOOSE to overcome racism and inspire harmony through exposure, education, and empowerment. This enterprise led them to collaborate with Princeton University on The Classroom Index, a 224-page textbook devoted to racial literacy. Each story in the book consists of an interview, a visual, thematic tags, and research-based discussion points that connect the story to larger historical or contemporary issues. The list of tags and corresponding stories simplifies choosing content relevant to the themes of an existing lesson or unit. The stories are color-coded to indicate appropriate age and grade levels at elementary, middle, and high school. Short and long interviews, written reflections, current events features, and Teacher Talks (interviews with educators discussing racial literacy) provide different story formats to fit different lesson plans. Cartoons and quotations are reprinted throughout the book. To ensure that the stories can accommodate all class subjects, The Classroom Index contains content, activities, and ideas for discussion related to the core subjects taught in schools nationally. Essential questions that often confuse students are answered in opinion pieces, and a racial literacy test for pre- or post-assessment is provided.

Plus: In fall 2018, CHOOSE will release its next book nationwide: The Race Index. While this book will retain the original model of The Classroom Index, the hundreds of powerful stories about race, culture, and intersectionality will come from almost all 50 states, collected during a nationwide interviewing tour from July to December 2017 by cofounders Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi.

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