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Jan 15, 2020 2020-01-15

Professional Growth

Teaching Tools for STEM Education

STEM Teaching Tools is a research-and-development initiative of the Institute for Science+Math Education at University of Washington in Seattle. Through this effort, the institute shares practice-based knowledge that it has accumulated through federally funded research over the years. The materials are provided for broad use and adaptation as open education resources (OER). Currently the focus is on supporting the teaching of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The tools, called “practice briefs,” focus on a specific issue and leverage the best knowledge from research and practice. These “bite-sized” tools are designed to help practitioners understand a specific problem of educational practice, reflect on it, and access resources and instructional tools that will enable them to teach more effectively. Educators can browse or download the entire collection, as PDFs, for free. The practice briefs are also being translated into Spanish

Plus: The STEM Teaching Tools have been used to support extended professional development (PD) sessions. OER versions of those PD sessions are posted online. They include all of the resources that PD facilitators need to adapt and run the sessions—including slides, speaker notes, facilitator guide, and embedded resources. A webinar builds on the ideas and tools developed in STEM Teaching Tool 59 to explore how instruction can be designed to enable deep and meaningful science learning for students receiving special education services. The webinar is accessible, at no charge, on YouTube. More professional development resources will be added over time.

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