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Dec 01, 2022 2022-12-01

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SPOTLIGHT! On Gratefulness

Underneath the festivities, winter holidays almost always involve gatherings and togetherness. Children can tap into that deeper current of connection with these activities.

Invite children to sing along with Daniel Tiger’s Thank-You Song and then think of someone they want to thank and share why they feel grateful to that person. (early childhood)

Find out what happens to the main character in the children’s book Sylvester and the Magic Pebble when all of his wishes come true and see how he learns to be grateful for what he has. Discuss the story with children and encourage them to share what they are grateful for. (early childhood)

Enjoy Kindness Is Contagious, an engaging, warmhearted documentary that compiles research, statistics, anecdotes, and theories about the effect of good deeds, featuring the author of the book-turned-film Pay It Forward. Studies are woven throughout snippets from interview subjects from all walks of life, who recount the nicest thing anyone did for them, while various experts weigh in on why being nice pays off. (grades 4–10)

Check out this video from the Be Kind People Project that gives practical tips about being grateful, using deep breathing, and more. (grades 5–9)

Encourage students to use a journal over winter break to write down the things—big and small—that they are grateful for. Students can use this resource from Character Lab to get started. (grades 6–12)

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