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Oct 15, 2019 2019-10-15


SPOTLIGHT! On Coding for Children with Autism

Learning to code is about learning how to solve problems, work with others in creative ways, and think in a new language. Teaching children with autism employs the same skills—creating logical connections, breaking tasks into smaller parts and sequencing them—but it is also much more. Teaching children with autism to code is teaching them the thinking skills they need to address the challenges they face in their everyday lives—to frame their thoughts, to prompt them through routines, and more.

Autism Coding Academy
Coding Autism is building the first autism-specialized coding academy, pairing online coding education, community, and an autism-savvy support team to help transition autistic talent into the technology workforce. Coding Autism provides a project-based and in-demand coding curriculum, experienced mentors and career counselors, and on-call tutoring and soft skills support to help provide students with autism an alternative form of education that focuses on their strengths. Coding Autism has partnered with DevCamp to offer up-to-date computer science tracks, working closely with employers and updating the curriculum every 90 days to ensure that it is aligned with what employers are looking for in tech talent. Presently students can choose from four coding paths: Front End Development, Ruby, Data Science, and Python React. The full-time web immersive option is suited to students who want the coding academy experience in an autism-specialized and online format. Students are encouraged to try the free online prep course.

Coding Guide for Children on the Spectrum
Coding for Kids with Autism: The Ultimate Guide for Parents and Educators offers answers to some of the most common questions the authors have encountered while operating a successful coding school serving hundreds of children on the autism spectrum. Computer programming, for example, requires strong math, logic skills, and spatial reasoning abilities, all categories in which many children with autism excel. The guide includes a list of helpful resources, including advice on academic approach, curriculum, and children’s coding languages.

Autism Computer Science/Coding/Programming Special Needs

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