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Boston Tea Party Museum

Oct 01, 2019 2019-10-01

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Road to the American Revolution Brought Alive in the Classroom

Teachers can revolutionize their curriculum by bringing the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum into their classroom. Through this virtual experience, students learn about the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution by playing an active role debating taxation without representation, and the issues that pushed Massachusetts down the road to revolution. Students will storm aboard one of the museum’s eighteenth-century replica vessels and cast off the yoke of tyranny by destroying the Crown’s tea. They will get a taste of what life was like in the eighteenth century by exploring below decks onboard one of the vessels that moored at Griffin’s Wharf that fateful night. Finally, students will discover how the Sons of Liberty successfully overcame obstacles to accomplish their goals and achieve independence. The cost of this virtual tour and experience is $250. Teachers can register online for free lesson plans.

Plus: Other virtual experiences are available as well—for example, the Boston Massacre Trial is a reenactment that captures the tensions in the town between the occupying force of British regulars and the Sons of Liberty. Students will be greeted by John Adams, who will present a compelling argument in defense of the soldiers, and Robert Treat Paine, who will argue that the redcoats should be found guilty. Students play the role of witnesses, magistrates, and jurors in this reenactment of the historic trial held just months after the tragic event.

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