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May 16, 2022 2022-05-16

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Reading, Literacy, and Assistive Software for Personalized Support

Texthelp’s Read&Write keyboard replacement boosts confidence and attainment for struggling readers and everyone who is improving their English, including students with learning difficulties or dyslexia, as well as English learners.

Supporting reading, writing, comprehension, and vocabulary development, Read&Write offers a range of tools that work in any application to extend accessibility and help with literacy, including text-to-speech, prediction, a talking dictionary, and a picture dictionary.

For reading and writing, Read&Write provides customizable text-to-speech, including continuous reading and dual color highlighting in a quick tap. Speak As I Type lets students focus on writing skills and aids understanding as they go. Plus, sentences are displayed in the keyboard area as they are read. The prediction feature works in context, suggesting a range of relevant words to build interesting sentences, and the Talk&Type feature makes it easy to put thoughts into written words, for those who may struggle with typing.

For vocabulary, an easy-to-understand dictionary, providing not just definitions but also contextual sentences. A picture dictionary that can be read aloud helps users build visual links.

For spelling and grammar checking, students get a wide range of suggestions, including confusable words. In a tap, these can be individually read aloud or defined with the dictionary feature.

Cost: A trial version for iOS and Android devices supports all features for 30 days.

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