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Oct 01, 2019 2019-10-01

Professional Growth

Professional Support for Social–Emotional Development and Positive School Climate

The Ecological Approaches to Social Emotional Learning laboratory (EASEL) at Harvard University is testing the use of flexible, bite-sized lessons to teach social and emotional learning. The “kernels” are designed to be adaptable to students’ interests and needs. The EASEL team works with teachers and school staff, OST/afterschool providers, families, mental health workers, and others in the community to support social–emotional development and a positive school climate. The lab offers three types of professional development opportunities: (1) One-Time Professional Development, Training and Support includes the science of social and emotional learning (SEL); a whole-child, whole-setting approach to SEL; as well as core principles and strategies for integrating SEL into everyday practices and routines, integrating literacy and SEL instruction, and more. (2) SEL Workshop Series explores topics central to social–emotional development and provides concrete tools and strategies (something to take home and try each month). Workshop topics include executive function and brain development; understanding and managing stress; talking about and managing feelings; and supporting positive behaviors. And (3) SEL Customized Partnership may include ongoing coaching/professional development; concrete strategies and tools for building SEL; SEL Assessment tools and data collection to inform instruction; review and/or consultation of SEL activities and/or assessment; and integration of EASEL’s materials/resources into an existing curricula or program.

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