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Sep 01, 2022 2022-09-01

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Playbook for Thoughtful Classroom Dialogue

The Constructive Dialogue Institute (CDI) was created to address the inability of people to agree on facts, listen to one another’s views, think critically, and find compromise. The psychology-based Perspectives program is designed for high school and university educators to use with students. The free online program features customizable teaching strategies, eight interactive online lessons, conversation guides, classroom exercises, automated email reminders, and quizzes. Educators can incorporate the lessons into existing curricula, whether in English, history, or other subjects. Perspectives offers guidelines and boundaries, and helps teachers reinforce skills and mindsets so that students can talk and interact with people who think differently, have productive conversations and learn about each other’s understanding of some of the big, challenging problems in the world and why those issues matter to them.

Plus: The institute recently released a Playbook that offers educators five strategies and corresponding resources to encourage more thoughtful dialogue. The Playbook helps teachers explain and reinforce key aspects of constructive dialogue: letting go of winning; sharing your story and inviting others to do the same; asking questions to understand; acknowledging others’ emotions; and seeking common ground when possible. It explains how educators can create resilient classroom norms, model and practice asking questions, make thinking “visible” in the classroom, develop a culture where students can “talk about talking,” and teach with stories.

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