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Jun 15, 2022 2022-06-15

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Open Online Courses Fostering Global Competence in STEM Fields

The US Department of State has announced STEM Innovations and Global Competence—a free, self-paced online course for US educators. The course focuses on the intersection of STEM subjects and global competence.

To prepare for the jobs of tomorrow, students will need a set of specific skills that will enable them to fully participate, problem-solve, and adapt in our changing world. The ability to engage with multiple perspectives in the pursuit of knowledge will be key to their success. Global competence in STEM requires today’s students to recognize their responsibilities to both the local and the global community, and to develop and apply knowledge in culturally appropriate, relevant, and sustainable ways.

STEM Innovations and Global Competence offers a five-hour massive open online course that includes lesson plans and videos applicable across content areas and grade levels. The course also presents testimonials from expert teachers across the United States, threaded discussions with colleagues, and practical classroom tools and techniques.

The course is open through September 2022. Enrollees can work at their own pace to complete the five hours of asynchronous instruction and earn certified continuing education units.

Plus: STEM Innovations and Global Competence is part of the US Department of State’s Teacher Suite, which includes three other courses designed by global educators: Global Education 101 (practical strategies for incorporating global education into the classroom), Teaching Online for Global Competence (frameworks, tools, and resources that can be used in global classrooms), and Solving Global Problems (problem-driven learning and ways to apply it in the classroom).

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