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Aug 15, 2017 2017-08-15

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OER-based Curricula for Problem-based Learning

In the summer of 2017, Open Up Resources released a problem-based core math program for grades 6–8 to spark student engagement. The free full-course curriculum consists of student materials (digital and print); teacher materials (unit plans, lesson plans, and digital and print assessments); a scope and sequence; integrated, lesson-specific supports for English learners; lesson-leveled strategies for students with disabilities; and family resources. In addition, a comprehensive suite of professional development options is available. The full OER-based curriculum is a result of a 21st Century Collaboration Model: the core materials were developed by recognized math education experts and then classroom tested and modified by 175 classroom teachers in six school districts.

Plus: Open Up Resources has partnered with El Education to offer an openly licensed English language arts curriculum for K–5. The program engages students in compelling STEM and social studies topics, fostering skill and knowledge acquisition. Students build capacity to read, think, talk, and write about complex texts, while developing key social–emotional learning skills. The full-course curriculum, authored by experts in English language arts, comes with student and teacher materials, a reading list, a curriculum map, family resources, and more. All materials are openly licensed and free to download. The curriculum offers supports for English language learners and students with disabilities.

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