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Nov 15, 2022 2022-11-15

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Multimedia United States History Collection

GBH, a public broadcasting media platform in Boston, has launched a collection of free digital resources to support teachers covering US history in their classrooms. The new US History Collection, housed on the PBS LearningMedia platform, capitalizes on GBH’s portfolio of acclaimed historical documentaries—AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, FRONTLINE, and GBH WORLD—to help middle school and high school students develop critical thinking skills when learning about and interpreting history.

Designed to offer supplemental media for US history survey courses, the US History Collection is distinctive in its media focus, its organization by era and historical thinking skills, and its presentation of history from diverse perspectives. Materials are also accessible for students using assistive technologies such as screen readers.

Working with both student and teacher advisers, GBH integrated the work of seven other public media contributors. The US History Collection features original videos, such as the seven-episode “Why It Matters” series, interactive lessons, maps, images and timelines, and a variety of independent student activities. The Corporation for Youth advisers helped the team select media that would resonate with middle school and high school students. Upon completion in December 2022, the US History Collection will include 350 resources that showcase the breadth of American history.

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