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Jun 15, 2022 2022-06-15

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Learning Experiences Where the Impossible Becomes (Virtual) Reality

From the Moon to inside a plant cell, Avantis World lets students explore the impossible, all from the safety of a ClassVR headset or web browser. Avantis World is split into lands, with various zones and learning scenes for students to explore independently. Every learning scene provides a fully immersive experience where students can discover, investigate, and conduct research as if they were there in person.

In Engaging Earth Land, for example, students can delve into Earth’s beautiful biomes, experience some of the planet’s most extreme climates and conditions, and climb up the stairs to the viewing platform to get a close look at the globe.

On their journey through Super Science Land, students get to meet amazing animals and visit their habitats. They can also take a trip through the incredible human body, experience what it would be like to live on Mars, find out about materials properties, experience energy and forces, and dive inside a personal computer to follow dataflow through a home network.

As they take a Trip Through Time Land, students will see how the world has changed across millennia—from dinosaurs to dynasties, and Stonehenge to steam trains. They can experience what life was really like in the trenches of the First World War, visit the first European settlements in colonial America, and see the hieroglyphics inside ancient Egyptian tombs.

Students can also journey to Literacy Land and visit the Classics Books zone where they can see political satire firsthand on Animal Farm; or they can wander through the Poets Corner and encounter The Raven. In the Early Years zone, they can experience the world’s most beloved fairytales as they explore Goldilocks’ house, meet the Gingerbread Man, and take a walk with Little Red Riding Hood. And in the Shakespeare zone, students can visit the Midsummer Night’s forest and serenade Juliet under the balcony, experiencing Shakespeare’s most classic works in a whole new way.

Each virtual reality land comes with a comprehensive set of curriculum resources, as well as reporting and assessment tools. Another three lands are in construction.

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