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Apr 17, 2023 2023-04-17

Mobile Learning

Language Learning in VR with Native Speakers in Authentic Locations

ImmerseMe offers solo language practice in virtual reality. In each lesson, students will find themselves in a 360-degree photographic image filmed on location in a place where their language of choice is spoken. Students can engage in realistic interactions, such as ordering in a restaurant or simply having a conversation, by interacting with prerecorded videos of actors playing various roles. The app recognizes the student’s speech and plays a video of the actor responding to what the student says.

Because the videos have all been filmed on location, the sensation of having traveled to another country to practice is strong, and students get to experience the authentic sights and sounds of the location. And since the videos have been filmed in 360 degrees, students can look all around themselves, inside the scene.

Plus: Students in grade 5 and up can “show off” their ImmerseMe skills in the 2023 ImmerseMe Games for schools. From May 18 to 25, 2023, students earn points by successfully responding to native speakers within contextual virtual reality-based, 360-degree video recordings. Examples include ordering a baguette in Paris, buying a bento box in Tokyo, or trying tapas in a Spanish restaurant. The content is differentiated into beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Certificates and prizes are available to every student who earns more than 250 points.

ELL/ESL Virtual Reality • Augmented Reality Gamification/Game-Based Learning

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