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Jan 05, 2021 2021-01-05

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Interactive Reference for Improving Math Intuition

Developed by Appellante for iOS, Math Interactive helps students build their math skills by deepening their understanding of mathematical concepts, definitions, formulas, and proofs. Offering more than 200 articles on 23 math subjects, with detailed descriptions, solved solutions, and thorough proofs, the app helps students improve their math intuition by exploring interactive illustrations and learning how to solve both simple and difficult math problems through elegant solutions. Students can quickly search for an article or formula, use the links to read more about a subject, and improve their understanding with interactive illustrations. In addition, they can pick up where they left off using the “Recents” capability and share an article via email, iMessage, Facebook, or other social media channel. The app’s subjects include Coordinate System, Differential Calculus, Differential Equations, Exponential Functions, Functions, Geometry, Geometry Terms, Hypothesis Testing, Integral Calculus, Linear Functions, Numbers and Algebra, Percentages, Power Functions, Probability, Quadratic Equation, Quadratic Polynomial, Regression and Growth, Solid Geometry, Statistics, The Straight Line, Trigonometry, Vectors in 2D, and Vectors in 3D Space. Cost: Free; premium access, $2.99

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