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May 16, 2016 2016-05-16

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Incorporate Project-Based Learning into the Curriculum

Just in time for summer, Defined Learning has launched a new online professional development course, Performance Task PD with Jay McTighe, coauthor of Understanding by Design. The four-module course guides educators through the process of incorporating project-based learning into their current curriculum. Module 1 gives a basic outline of a performance task, including key characteristics such as outlines and rubrics and reasons for using them to evaluate students. Module 2 describes appropriate criteria for designing an effective lesson and tools to align the task with current curriculum, state standards, Common Core, and Next Generation Science Standards. Module 3 provides a roadmap for educators to follow as they make adjustments to incorporate project-based learning into their curriculum. Participants will understand how their role as an educator leading the class will shift as they become a coach providing feedback and guidance to allow students to gain 21st-century skills by exploring real-world topics, solving problems, and working collaboratively. And Module 4 demonstrates how to evaluate each performance task using a rubric and how to “plan backward,” starting with the task analysis. This module also examines how tasks correlate with students’ ongoing formative assessment, which includes engaging students in self-assessment, reflection, and goal setting.

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