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May 01, 2023 2023-05-01

Professional Growth

Immersive Learning Experiences Powered by AI and VR Tools

Coursera has announced the addition of several ChatGPT-powered tools to its learning platform, including a virtual coach that has the capability to give feedback, answer questions, summarize learning materials, and provide career preparation. The artificial intelligence-assisted tools also will include a course-building pilot, virtual reality experiences, and a machine learning–powered translation tool that will translate more than 2,000 courses from English to seven other languages.

Several organizations are offering new AI and machine learning–focused courses through Coursera:

Plus: Several new virtual reality (VR) course experiences will expand immersive learning opportunities on the platform. The VR additions complement the courses’ existing lecture videos, readings, and assessments. They are designed for learners of all educational backgrounds and increase in difficulty as a learner progresses through the course material. They can be experienced via desktop or most VR headsets and are available in both paid and audited versions of each course. The new VR elements will be incorporated into courses from Duke, Peking University, University of Michigan, and University of Washington, covering a range of topics, such as public speaking, leadership, human physiology, mobility, language learning, and training for healthcare practitioners. To learn more about this feature, see demonstration videos, and read about the Meta AR certificate courses, visit the VR Course Experiences blog page.

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