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Aug 15, 2022 2022-08-15

Mobile Learning

Immersive Curriculum-Aligned STEM Content

Veative‘s 3D, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality educational technologies and content enhance learning experiences in K–12 and higher education. The content is adapted to suit all classrooms, curricula, and languages. Veative features hundreds of free and paid VR modules in science (biology, chemistry, physics) and mathematics for different grade levels. Teachers can explore the rapidly growing Interactive Library with more than 550 curriculum-aligned VR simulations for STEM, along with clear learning objectives, attention to core concepts, and formative assessments within the environment. The library is organized by category, curriculum, grade, subject, device, and language. Teachers can also dive into the vault of additional immersive resources in the Cloud Library. A free Veative VR Learn App is available to download for Android devices.

Plus: Veative’s Virtual Tours transport learners to some of the world’s great locations where they can feel a sense of presence within those environments. The tours bring traditions and cultures to life and allow for a connection with art, history, and architecture. Two of the museum tours introduce students to Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Einstein. The tours are not simply 360-degree images; rather they are built environments to be explored, with educational information related to history, construction, and architecture, as well as views of interiors, artwork, and maps.

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