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Nancy Drew Computer Coding Programming Mystery

Sep 16, 2019 2019-09-16

Mobile Learning

Game Using Computer Science to Solve a Nancy Drew Mystery

Nancy Drew Codes and Clues Mystery Game sparks an interest in coding, especially for girls, through a fun and engaging story. The mystery adventure also builds critical thinking and reading skills, as students read along with story dialogue. As members of Nancy Drew’s De-TECH-Tive crew, players choose disguises, find clues, and program a robot puppy to solve the mystery of a missing project at the Tech Fair. The fun mystery unfolds in a narrative story spanning six chapters, as Nancy and friends encounter students who may have taken the missing project. Throughout the game, players develop and use their growing de-TECH-Tive skills to track down suspects and discover what happened to the project before the Tech Fair competition begins. Players find clues in hidden-object games and apply basic coding concepts to program their puppy and help Nancy out of tight spots at the end of every chapter. The coding challenges increase as the story progresses and leads to a Super Coder award. Girls will have fun learning two of the three basic logic structures in the computer programming educational process: sequences and loops. Super De-TECH-Tives develop the critical thinking skills of pattern recognition, spatial visualization, problem solving, algorithmic thinking, and attention to detail. The app was developed for iOS and Android by HeR Interactive Kids (Hi Kids). Costs: Free trial for one game; one-time in-app purchase for unlimited play

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