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May 15, 2017 2017-05-15

Mobile Learning

Game-based Learning with Primary Source Materials

Recognizing the potential of digital games to promote primary-source use for discovery and problem solving, the Congress, Civic Participation, and Primary Sources Project is developing KidCitizen, a free cross-platform app that provides game-based learning activities with primary sources for K–5 students. KidCitizen’s interdisciplinary team of historians, educators, child development specialists, and game designers are integrating the Inquiry Design Model with game-based learning approaches. Each of the app’s episodes begins with a photograph from the Library of Congress that features children as the subjects of the primary source. Students start their inquiry by drawing from existing knowledge. Then, as the primary source is revealed, students discover ambiguities or puzzling content that challenges their thinking. A scaffolded learning experience engages young learners in an inquiry process that builds their conceptual knowledge and develops increasingly complex historical thinking skills. A helper character named Ella accompanies students through the process of interpreting the past, encouraging learners to progress through phases of careful observations (What do you see?), analysis (What do you think?), drawing conclusions based on collected evidence, and reflection that propels students into further inquiry (What do you wonder?). Guided interactions help children collect information in a Researcher Journal and use the information to raise questions or make inferences based on observations. The episode transitions children from investigating a primary source to performing a civic activity, drawing from data in their Researcher Journals to construct posters, timelines, or other outputs as they document connections between their new learning and their own lives. Teacher’s guides include supplementary content to accompany each episode. Teachers can also customize episodes or create new ones using tools and templates in the Muzzy Lane Author cloud platform. Professional development will be announced through TPS Teachers Network. To learn more about KidCitizen and get notified when it goes live, send a message via the online form on the project’s website.

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