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Feb 01, 2023 2023-02-01

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Federal COVID Relief Money

Schools generally have until the fall of 2024 to use the last of their federal COVID relief dollars. In a January 26 letter, the US Department of Education offered recommendations to help school districts use their remaining coronavirus relief funding to plan for the long-term success of education technology programs.

The spending ideas outlined in the department’s letter include teacher training funds to hire coaches who can help teachers make the best use of digital tools and teach students about safe online behavior; money aimed at English Learners to purchase software that can serve those students; a flexible fund to pay for student supports and academic enrichment to help educators use and share digital tools, including open educational resources; and specific special education funds to improve communication with parents.

Some of the programs mentioned in the letter recently received spending hikes. Federal spending on special education, through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, rose from $13 billion to $15.5 billion. And federal funds to support English Learners grew from $802 million to $890 million.

The guidance will help district and state leaders better understand how to get the most out of federal funding as they seek to make technology a more central part of teaching and learning,

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