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Sep 15, 2022 2022-09-15

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Fall Science Fair Challenge

Primer is a community built for ambitious youth to explore their interests together and compete in monthly competitions. Primer clubs offer passionate young people everything, from writing to game design. All young people with big ideas and epic research projects are invited to join the Fall Science Fair, a space for scientific minds aged 9–18 to experiment, test out hypotheses, and build the future. They will also have a chance to compete nationally with other young people. Epic challenges and support from peers, mentors, and subject-matter experts will help students make breakthroughs in their work.

Students can join Science Fair with a fully formed concept or just an idea. Primer will help them take their project to the next level. They will get access to Primer’s project planner and live brainstorms with new friends—all for free. As part of the community, students can vote on their favorite weekly updates from others and offer friendly advice. The best updates and feedback will score points. Students with the most points can win cash prizes. The first-place winner will receive $500; second-place, $300; and third-place, $200. To qualify for the prizes, students must reach the top 10 in points on the leaderboard at some point during the month.

Deadline: Students can spend as much time as they need or want to work on their projects. They should try to join in with the Science Fair community at least once a week.

Plus: Students who join the free Science Fair are invited to unlock a whole world of other clubs and curiosities for $10/month. For example, the Artists Club is for youth aged 9–14 who love art and want feedback from their peers. Young people, aged 9–14, who enjoy creating stories and want to collaborate with other young storytellers may choose to join the Storytellers Club.

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