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Apr 15, 2022 2022-04-15

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Contest Communicating Earth’s Ecosystem Through Visual Images

The Global Oneness Project is sponsoring a student photography and original illustration contest in which students are encouraged to document the fragility, hope, and future of our planet’s ecosystem due to climate change. All entries must be related to the contest theme: The Environment Is in You. Students will select an excerpt from writers whose work lies at the intersection of conservation and environmental activism, including Native Chickasaw writer Linda Hogan, Pulitzer prize-winning poet Robert Hass, environmental writer and farmer Wendell Berry, and youth naturalist and conservationist Dara McAnulty.

Photo entries and original illustrations must be accompanied by a short artist’s statement (between 100 and 600 words). The aim of this statement is to tell the story of what is captured in the photograph or illustration. Statements must respond to at least two of the following questions: How is your artwork a “love story” to the planet? In what ways has your local ecosystem changed in the last few years? How might your artwork document that story? How might your artwork document your feelings about climate change? In what ways might the environment shape your identity? In what ways has the COVID-19 pandemic revealed new ways of seeing climate change? How might you capture our earth in a time of ecological crisis? What would you like your artwork to communicate to your peers, community, or the world?

The contest is open to students aged 13 and up in the United States, and 16 and up globally. Winners will receive a cash prize of $200 USD. Teachers can download the free contest poster for their classroom.

Deadline: Original images and accompanying essay should be submitted by May 5, 2022.

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