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Civil War History Hallowed Ground

Jan 18, 2016 2016-01-18

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The Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership is a nonprofit organization consisting of more then 150 partnering organizations dedicated to preserving the historic, scenic, and educational integrity of the 180-mile stretch of land that runs from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia. The national heritage area crosses four states—Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. Since The Journey’s inception a decade ago, more than 5,000 students (including middle school, high school, and university students), many from underserved populations, have experienced the power of the resources developed by the organization’s staff. The Journey is eager to help teachers across the country develop, for their locale, vodcasts that can connect students to local history. The vodcasts will be shared online through YouTube, SchoolTube, and The Journey’s website, and they will also become interpretive materials of the partnering National Park Service website. The organization offers guidance for teachers and schools on funding their local history project.

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Plus: Schools from coast to coast are also involved in The Journey Through Hallowed Ground Living Legacy Tree Planting Project. During the American Civil War, approximately 620,000 soldiers died. Every American living at the time of the Civil War felt its impact. As a living commemoration for the individual and combined sacrifices, the Living Legacy Tree Planting Project is planting one tree for each soldier who sacrificed his life. Upon completion, this initiative will create the first 180-mile landscaped allée in the world.

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